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Man sentenced to life for killing his daughter for honour

The Delhi High Court has sentenced a man to life imprisonment for the ''honour killing'' of his daughter for allegedly having an adulterous relationship with her uncle. The Court refused to grant any relief to the father, Bahgwan Dass, after coming to the conclusion that the act of murder was not done in a fit of rage but was planned.
"The provocation of the daughter running away after abandoning her husband and being in adultery with her cousin uncle was a fact in the knowledge of the appellant for over a month and surely this conduct of the deceased would not be a sudden or a grave provocation resulting in loss of self control," a bench comprising Justices Pradeep Nandrajog and Suresh Kaith said. Although the court agreed that the honour of Dass was sullied by the act of his daughter, but it refused to take lenient view of the crime and uphold the trial court verdict which found him guilty of murdering her.
"It is apparent that the honour and pride of the appellant was wounded by the deceased who was his daughter and was living in adultery with her cousin uncle. Her act was one of abhorrence as per the social norms," the court said while explaining the motive behind the murder. The victim, had abandoned her husband and had started living with one Sriniwas, who was the son of the maternal aunt of her father. The relationship between them was that of an uncle and niece. One month after she left her husband, Dass found out that she was living with Sriniwas and he brought her back to his house. She was later found dead in the house. (PTI) 

Parents beat teenaged daughter to death for love affair 

In a case of suspected honour killing, a couple in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghazipur district allegedly killed their teenaged daughter over a love affair with a youth, police said Tuesday. While the girl’s parents are absconding, two men have been arrested in this regard.

Sanju, 16, a resident of the Arshadpur village, some 300 km from Lucknow, was allegedly beaten to death by her parents Monday evening. The case came to light Tuesday following the arrest of two men, whom the couple had tasked with disposing of their daughter’s body. Sanju’s father Lalmani Prasad and his wife are on the run.
“The two arrested men are Lalmani’s servants. The duo told us Sanju was beaten to death by her parents for insisting she wanted to marry the youth she loved,” police inspector Rahul Singh told reporters in Ghazipur. 
“We are yet to gather the details about the youth, who according to the two arrested, is a resident of the Ghazipur city. The servants also told us that Lalmani had assured them he would give them Rs.10,000 for disposing of the body,” he added. Sanju’s body bears multiple injuries. “It appears she was brutally assaulted and succumbed to her injuries,” said Singh.
“Teams have been constituted and raids are being carried out to nab Sanju’s parents,” he added.
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