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TV actress complains against husband for shooting explicit video clips

In a shocking revelation, a former TV actress has accused his husband of making explicit video clips and MMS of girls and even filmed the actress scenes when she decided to reveal his real face to the world.  According to media reports, a TV actress whose name is not revealed, has accused his husband, Rajesh Patel, of filming sex scenes, and turned hostile when she threatened to reveal the matter.  This is the incident of Juhu in Mumbai. 

The TV actress had married Rajesh in 2008 in court which was a love marriage. Rajesh used to shoot video clips of girls through spy camera in his room, and when his actress wife knew about his acts, she protested.  Rajesh would turn hostile and beat her up on protest and would threaten her of dire consequence if she came in public.  He would even threaten to make her ugly by throwing acid on her face.
The actress was subjected to humiliating behavior on the part of Rajesh, and he even shot explicit scenes of his wife and threatened to reveal if she came in his way.  When the things went out of control, the TV actress finally spilled the beans by complaining in the police.
The actress has, however, accused that police was not prompt in taking action and it acted only after intervention of senior officials. Rajesh and three other men have been arrested in this heinous act of making MMS and video clips.
The TV actress was seen on a news channel revealing the hardships she has gone through and was even terrified on the consequences after Rajesh comes out on bail.
This is an incident which maligns the pure relationship that binds a wife and a husband. Not only is the accused Rajesh a criminal of the TV actress but he is the villain for all those girls who have been filmed by him. As long as demons like Rajesh are in our society, we cannot dream of a safe and secure society. Source
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