Shafiq R Khan


LOKNAYAK: A Revolutionary vision

Bihar is the birth-place of many great people know for their valom, sacrifice and scholarship. But in the recent past, particularly after the death of our beloved president Rajendra Babu, there was a void. Bihar was looking forward to fill the void and there was a temporary lull. But this was a lull before the storm. Jai prakash appeared as a colossus on the political horizon of India and once again bihar came in to limelight.Jai prakash Narayan popularly known as j.p was the name of a revolution rather than a person. J.P. is remembered for his sacrifice made during freedom-struggle and after independence, his historical Slogan “Sampurn Kranti” (Complete revolution).J.P. was not satisfied with the political independence of India. He tell that the people of independent India are poor, tortured, discritiminated and subjugated. The rulers had only changed their garbs and now the Indians. Instead of British were sucking the blood of Indians. In such a situation, J.P. was one of those few who thought power as a means to privide social juctice and to remove proverty, squalor and discase. He always Orefered well being of the People to the thr-one and power . when he Saw the Congress being more prone to its love for the power and becoming intolerant to its critics, he started withdrawing himself from the mainstream-Congress-Politics after Post Independence era.The life of Jai Prakash Narayan was full of odds and struggles –struggles with poverty, struggles against foreign rule and dictators are most remarkable chapter in his life history. He Completed his graduation in America With the money earned from hard manual labour such as washing plates and working as a waiter in the restaurants of America. This shows his tenacity of purpose and dignity of labour The seeds of socialism was sown in his mind while he was in America as he himself accepted that he become a pure Socialist in pure Capitalist Country Such as U.S.A.J.P. was an ardent supporter of socialism and belived in bringing in bringing about boodless radical reforms in our society so as to establish an egalitarian society so as to establish an egalitarian society in which there will be no exploiter and all may share the national cake together incder to transform his dreams into reality he began to take part in creative movements such as Bhudan and Sarvodaya which main purpose was to bridge the gap between haves and have-nots and welfare of all but exploitation of none.The surrender of a band of notorious doecoits of chambal under his supervision was nothing Short of a miracle as he Persuaded those who wore acquainted with the sounds of gun-shots only and Sounds of humanity fell flat to them. This incident bring him closer to the lord Budha who was successful in Persuading notious Angulimal, a giant man-killer. In a sharp contrast to these great men some of the politicians these days entertains and encourage this anti-social elements to grind their own axe and the entire machinery of democratic system has been put to ransom in the hands of these landists and history-sheeters. The criminal-Politician nexeus has assumed alarming Proportion and the future of our Country in as so fleak that it seems impossible to decide whether dogs are going to our Country in going to dogs.J.P. always stood for protection of human rights, when the congress government degenerated into dictatorship and resorted to several stern measures such as MISA to subdue to voice of its Political opponents and constituonal amendments to reduce the power of the judiciary he broke his long silence and started his famous movement of 1974. the students particularly of all over north India Provided their whole hearted and active support. He thundered the slogan of “Sampurna Kranti”. Complete revolution which was not aimed only at bringing down the government but also bringing about a Social and economic radical reforms so that the Countrymen may task into bright sunshine of Peace, progress and Prosperity, ultimately year long Congress-government felt the bitter test of defect and ballet Prevaied over bullet as it was the defect of an anogant, anti-People and dictatorial government.The great Janta experiment after sometimes proved to be a fiasco due to internal rivalries and increasing ambition of its members. With the sad demise of Jai Prakash Narayan, the janta party also lost its vigour an dynamison and become near non exstent. However, the message of fealssness and sacrifice to restore the democratic functioning of the government will have to think twice while ignoring the basic human rights of Common man.
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