Shafiq R Khan


Crown less King of Mewat

Chaudhary Mohammad Yasin Khan was born on November 4, 1896, in village Rehna of District Mewat। As his father Chudhary Khuda Baksh Khan died in his childhood, his uncle Chaudhary Wali Mohammad gave special care to his education। He passed the middle class examination from Nuh and stood first throughout Panjab। He also has credit of being the first graduate of Mewat। He obtained his Law degree from the Delhi University। Chaudhary Mohammad Yasin Khan was determined to spread modern education among the Mewatis by establishing modern educational institutions। He believed that only modern education could reform the society of the Meos which suffered from backwardness and negligence। In this process he started a school at Rehna which he later on shifted to Nuh। He summoned a Meo Panchayat and it was decided to upgrade the school into a High School. The scheme was put before the Deputy Commissioner of Gurgaon Mr. F.L.Brayne. The DC approved the plan and decided to levy two anna per bigha with the revenue. The Meo community also started subscription (chanda) for the purpose. Sir Fazal-e-Husain, Education Minister of Panjab, laid the foundation stone of the school by merging the Middle School Nuh and the Middle School of Zila Parishad, on 28th March 1923 and the school was named as Brayne Meo High School. When Chaudhary Mohammad Yasin Khan became the Chairman of the District Board, Gurgaon, he made a plan to establish a Primary School every two miles and a Middle School after every two village (if the population justified it). Chaudhary Mohammad Yasin Khan elected a member of the Panjab assembly from 1926-1946 on the ticket of the Unionist Party. In 1947 he joined the Indian National Congress and continued to hold his position as a member of the Panjab Assembly from 1952-1962. Around 1930-31 Maharaja of Alwar, Sawai Jai Singh increased the land revenue. The Meos decided not to pay the taxes and revenue if they were not reduced. Chaudhary Mohammad Yasin Khan supported their demand and soon the petty protest transformed into a movement. He called a conference of All India Meo Panchayat earlier founded by him at Ferozpur Jhirka known as Alwar Conference, and it was decided to put the matter before the Central Government. He also met the Marxist-Nationalist leader Kunwar Mohammad Ashraf. The British Government came into action and the Raja was dethroned. The new Raja after a few skirmishes conceded the demands and reduced the 1/4th of the land revenue. In this movement hundreds of Meos were killed and two murder attempts were made on Chaudhary Mohammad Yasin Khan. Meos had to face the worst period in 1947. Communal riots broke all over the Mewat. Situation further worsened when Maharaja of Bharatpur indulged into it. The forces of the Bharatpur State opened fire upon the Meos and also looted and burnt their villages at the end of July, 1947. The Alwar State also followed the same policy. Murder, loot, plunder and the forcible conversion of the Meos became a general affair. Unfortunately same situation also developed into Jaipur State. By the efforts of Chaudhary Mohammad Yasin Khan, Maulana Ibrahim, Vinoba Bhave, Satyam Bhai, Maulana Hifzur Rahman etc. the peace was restored. After the independence on 15th August 1947, the Meos due to their suffering in communal frenzy began to migrate to Pakistan. But Chaudhary Mohammad Yasin Khan firmly decided to dissuade the Meos from migration to Pakistan. He convinced Gandhiji to come and hold a programme at Ghasera in Mewat in 19th December, 1947 to prevent the immigration and to assure the rehabilitation of the Meos. Chaudhary Mohammad Yasin Khan died on 19th February 1970. The Meos still cherish him and for his devout to the Meo community and Mewat. A Mirasi says in a couplet: “Raja Su Rani Kahe TU Rehna Ko Jayo Hun Mile Aasin Tu Wake Paman Pad Jayo” (The Queen asks the King to go to Rehna and requests him to bow his head on Yasin’s feet in case he should find him there).

(Author (of this article) Dr. Aijaz Ahmad is asst. professor in Yasin Meo degree college Nuh. the article is part of his research paper publishes in proceedings of the Indian History Congress held at Aligarh with the title " Chaudhary Mohammad Yasin Khan: A torch bearer of the Mewatis")

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