Shafiq R Khan


Honour killing in Bokaro under probe

Police continued to interrogate people concerned, particularly the 'lover girl', in connection with the ''honour kiling'' that rocked Bokaro Steel city four days back.
Four brothers were arrested on July 17 after the body of a class XI student of Bokaro Public Shool was recovered from a rented house under Sector IV Police Station. The student, Birat Vidya, was allegedly having an affair with their sister Nupur Bauri, who was also the victim's classmate.
Superintendent of Police Saket Kumar Singh today told UNI here that the police were investigating ''probabilities'' of Nupur directly or indirectly getting involved in the crime for her ''lover''.
It was learnt that Birat was caught deeply engrossed in conversation with Nupur in her house at the night of July 16, just prior to the moment when the crime was committed.
The SP said the crime seemed to be ''meticulously'' planned as the brothers - Pintu Kumar, Hari Bauri, Rajesh Kumar and Jacky Kumar - who through Nupur reportedly invited Birat to their house and then beat him up to death.
Nupur told the police that she called Birat to her house at Sector IV at midnight on that day. In between, one of her brothers spotted them and informed it to the rest, according to her.
They caught Birat, beat him up severely and carried him to his rented house nearby from where the police recovered the body on the subsequent day.

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