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Teacher beaten to death for filming porn with girl

A teacher was beaten to death mercilessly after a pornographic movie featuring him with a college student emerged.
The teacher, identified as Praloy Bhattacharjee, had been teaching college girls for 10-15 years. Police suspect that he was part of a nation-wide blue film racket and that he lured small-town girls promising them money and sold the movies in other cities, reported Times of India.
The porn CD that triggered off the mob justice is believed to have been made about a year ago but made it to the Burdwan market just a couple of days back.

On watching the video, the locals identified the girl, a final-year graduation student of a women's college, and all hell broke loose on her family and Bhattacharjee's, the newspaper reported on Thursday, Jul 29.

With this incident creating a storm in the town, police jumped to action and nabbed a video parlour owner, Krishna Ghosh and another suspect, Ujjal Saha. The film was allegedly edited and 'mixed' in Ghosh's video parlour while Saha is believed to be the one who distributed the video to other cities and towns. Source
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