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Khap panchayat puts Haryana, Centre on notice

The Sarv Jaatiye Sarv Khap Mahapanchayat has warned the Haryana government and the Centre of intensified protests if a law banning same-gotra marriage was not formulated soon. It has also threatened to call a bandh on November 21 if the state government failed to take adequate action in this regard by then.

The announcements came at a meeting of the Mahapanchayat held on Sunday at the historic Meham Chaubisi Chabutara in which Jats not only from Haryana but also from neighbouring Rajasthan, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh took part.

Mahapanchayat president Mewa Singh said: “We want the central and state governments to bring in an amendment to the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and ban marriages within the same gotra. We also want that the Centre should not introduce any legislation against honour killing. If both the governments do not respond to our demands, then the Jat Khaps will go ahead with their agitation plan.”

Mewa Singh also said that a massive gathering of all the major khaps of north India will be held in UP

on November 13 and 14 if the government inaction persisted.

The meeting will be held under farmer leader Mahender Singh Tikait. “If the government does not pay heed to our demands, then we will block all roads leading to Delhi and cut off supplies of water, milk and vegetables to the capital,” added Mewa Singh.

Last week, 180 khaps belonging to the Mahapanchayat had held a meeting at Baba Haridas Mandir on the Nazafgarh-Bahadurgarh road to oppose the proposed bill against honour killing.

Santosh Dahiya, president, women’s wing, Sarv Jaatiye Sarv Khap Mahapanchayat, said: “We cannot allow the destruction of our age-old customs and traditions. The Centre wants a legislation against honour killing; we oppose the move.” Source

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