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Due to Globalization we face numerous problems which have started showing its impact psychological stress, suicide, and prostitution, and sexual crime, retardation in family values and in institution of marriage and these are the results of Globalization. Today social values and beliefs are changing. Now the point of debate is not sex, but protected sex and it is not male, female sexual relationship but male-male having sex(GAY) and female-female having sex(LESBIAN) which are a point of debate.
We have points of discussion both in favor and against on woman getting pregnant before marriage, extra martial affairs and vulgar pictures.
Today traditional values and beliefs are changing rapidly.
According to a case study conducted in Europe, 70 % of marriages are in problem and many people does not believe
In one man and one woman relationship and they believe in spending there lives alone. 10% believe in, without marriage the selection of your partner becomes easy and the person is more stable mentally, physically and emotionally and he is not bound by anything. It is due to this thinking process that in today’s world of information technology and computers that women’s enjoying their sex life without getting married and they draw their psychological satisfaction through all this activity. In this regard it is a matter of grave concern that we are getting westernized and we have given our heart and soul to westernization and it is to be seen where we are going and what is the level and belief system regarding the sexual values and behavior.
The acceptance level regarding these relationships has increased in today’s world, but it hurts our traditional values and culture. Our country is not a backward country in any ways but our culture and values are such that it has put us on such a road where there are two roads and we have to choose which way to go.
In hilly regions the environment is such that the society in itself decides and follow and determine there own ways about sexual behavior and values. They have there own defined systems and in there families history is witness that one woman having more than one husband (panchali pratha) is common. The region is such that the influence of Indian Culture was not there and because of this reason it had such an environment. It is seen that when the Mughals came into being Indian Culture was introduced in the region. But it was not much time when the society was adapting to all this that Britishers came and gave the whole process a U-turn.
When India attained independence then the employment opportunities in agriculture sector were not easy and due to this reason tourism got a boost and employment was ensured. In hilly region tourism was attracting a lot of newly wed couples and love making couples because it was influencing their sexual behavior.
It is true that sexual feelings is and are a part of our society and our culture. But when our society was not fully at its saturation point then coming of sexual relationships in such a form as described above is highly shocking and girls are being prey to all this. The network of Human Trafficking and business of blue films is deepening and our social, cultural and health problems are in astray.

Today the changes and new situations, new contexts taking place it is a must to understand them. The changes taking place regarding sexual relationships values and beliefs in towns and metropolitan cities it is necessary to deeply understand them. A deep analysis should be done.
A beautiful tourists place Shimla and the capital of Himachal Pradesh, a study regarding sexual relationships following points are to be considered-:
Ø The changing social values and belief systems in the context of sexual relationships.
Ø The changes in the beliefs and the path regarding sexual relationships.
Ø The events taking place and what is there impact on society regarding sexual relationships?
Ø What are the situations which give rise to sexual crime, what is the main reason behind this?
Ø What is the impact of sexual revolution and its results?
Ø What are the basic facts which effect sexual behavior and influencing the social values and beliefs?
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