Shafiq R Khan


Child rights and shimla

According to the Act GA 836(IX) United Nations announced the 20 November, 1989 should be celebrated as World Child Rights Day and this announcement was a source of big success for Child Right Workers। It was made compulsory for the countries who were members of the United Nations on moral grounds to celebrate 20 November as Child Rights Day।

It is due to this reason that we are celebrating 2001-2010 decade as Campaign Against Child Trafficking. We are imagining a secured world and child should be given a special place.
India also celebrates this decade with great enthusiasm. The State Governments & Union Governments are conducting various Programmes relating to Child Labour and Child Rights to create awareness but in reality the seriousness and impact of these Programmes and functions is not there. In some places children are asked to what region, religion or caste they belong to. The sad part is when the police also asks a child labourer, to what region he belongs. There is a saturation point in the political debates so in this scenario who will look after children and include in there agenda. People’s Representatives and people who are in service have no time to spare for all these social activities.
Do you think that only sexual violence/abuse and child abuse is the only abuse? What is the meaning of violence? If we have not forgotten Mahatma Gandhi we should remember what he said about violence, “when somebody’s rights are not given to him then it is violence.”.
It is natural in this regard that we can show the path to the whole world in this decade of Campaign against Child Trafficking but in reality we don’t want to follow this path.
Recently Child Labour ratio has increased tremendously and sexual abuse ratio has also increased in regard to small children. Police is trying hard and doing there role sincerely, but the constable and head constable are ignorant of these social issues and due to this reason they are incapable or not in a position to grab the culprit and take the necessary action required.
There are various cases on which police can play a vital role and prove there honesty but due to some reasons like ignorance or act they are bound. In police department these small but important posts of constable and head constable are recruited after rigorous training but they are not aware of Child Rights and they are not aware of various activities through which they can make other departments realize there responsibilities.

The responsibility of police has increased regarding Child Abuse and Child Trafficking but the various issues relating to children and in comparison to concerned departments the work can be done in a better way, the police is busy with other serious crimes and cases brought to there notice and so the issues relating to children are not given prior importance and they are becoming a serious issue of concern and challenge for the society.
Police personnel becomes fanatic while handling through there responsibilities and the working pressure is so much that they are not in a position to spare enough time and energy for one particular case they have more serious and heinous crimes to handle with. So the organizations working for Child Rights/Abuse are not dealt with seriously and so these cases are left and not much can be done without co-operation.
There are centers of higher risk zones and Maximum Child Labors come to Shimla through the middlemen but there is no track kept by the police regarding this.It is necessary in this regard that not only police and social organizations but Govt. Departments also sit together and share there experiences with one another and work effectively and efficiently for Children who are the future of our country.
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