Shafiq R Khan


HONOUR KILLING :: Justice horror in Haryana

It is a male dominated society in Haryana. No matter how developed is Haryana regarding its education, and fertile land in the world but it is a land of curse for the people who are in love with each other. Every year thousands of lives are sacrificed irrespective of caste, creed, religion, or the social status of the family. People kill their own clan or kin for their false pride and honour. It has become a grave yard due to all these killings. In all these the castes who consider themselves regional or very faithful are Jat, Tyagi, Rajput, and Gujjars. For the past one decade they are going through a phase of Cultural duality. There traditional value system is such that determine their eating habits, marriages etc. Same is the case with dalits and backward caste people.There whole social life is surrounded by and revolves around all these traditional beliefs and values. The source of all this is developed over a time and influenced slowly and slowly and socially these things were approved by the society.Haryana is a state bordering the National Capital, where the Panchayats give death penalty for the lovers. The worst part is knowingly the police Acts as a mere spectator and they don’t even register the case and if by chance the case is registered no proper action is taken in lieu of the excessive social pressure. In our democratic history no legal or social action against the regional Panchayats who pass such judgments and are not taken to task in lieu of social pressure. It is because of this reason the regional and caste panchayats are so harsh that they give death penalty straight away irrespective of what the circumstances are.The caste panchayats are in themselves special court of law like the “khap panchayat” (Federal clan council of the Jats and other kindred people of Upper Doab, Haryana and neighboring areas) as known by the name. It hears matters relating to12 to 14 villages and various matters and problems relating to them. It is mentioned in there history that there way of approaching and handling the things is not only in humane but it is against the laws because whenever they sit in a group they are more powerful than the police and the Legal Administration . The youth and women even older women are the maximum victims of these panchayats. Due to all these glaring facts the opposition of people has not been seen. It is due to the reason that a responsible citizen of the society has tried his level best to hide the actual facts.In the year-2005, in Jind one girl and two boys committed suicide. Their story was published in the regional papers which stated that the persons who committed suicide were in love with each other. But their story was in itself suspense.In April, 2008 there was Honor killing in a village of Kaithal (Haryana) and the panchayat pradhan of the village has declared in support of Honor Killing.In Karnal, May 2008 a pregnant housewife and her lover were strangled to death in a village near Karnal allegedly by her relatives, police have arrested four persons including the girl's father in connection with the 'honor killing'.In Bhiwani, November 2008 two sisters - Pinky and Komal - were killed by their cousin in Greater Noida as they had gone for an outing with their boyfriends.In September 2008, Poonam was bundled into a waiting jeep in night and thrown into the Rajasthan canal by her father and six other male members of her Jat family because she wouldn't let go of Mukhram, a young Dalit boy. But the feisty 19-year-old survived drowning,This is a case study of northern region of our country focusing on Haryana. In this region people are physically strong and the castes AJGAR(Ahir, jat, gujjar, rajput) are the castes in which people do farming in the fields. They are politically strong, socially also. It is continuing from the time of the Mughals and the British and after independence. The process of Sanscratization is very fast for the backward castes and the dalits. We are able to see various social, political, and cultural ups and downs in this society. In these societies today’s development, scientific and technological, educational, communications and the Govt. policies have made various changes and made us familiar. New developments taking place have given rise to new stresses and pressures. If we try to understand what is the character of these societies then we come to know that in order to satisfy and pursue there own personal interests they can go to any extent possible and they can be unscrupulous in the name of there so called social discipline. So the fact remains that it is difficult and there is no place left for change and new thoughts to take place in these societies.The tales of love stories in the northern region is just the beginning and a glimpse of changes taking place. And in the present society we are living in, the society is really confused on the change because these changes are against our social beliefs and policies. Because of which a large number of a class in our society is the biggest critique of this change. But all this criticism and definitions are able to understand this change.There are many difference of opinion regarding affairs and marriages in our Indian society. In northern India in rural societies there are double standards for men because men without wives are there in these societies. In villages it is there that out of two brothers only one will get married. In some regions where some unemployed boys call themselves as they are from well reputed families and for them girls are being bought from Bengal for getting married. In these societies “Anta-santa” is the biggest problem and a malpractice which they themselves accept and where there is a provision of MOU (Memorandum of understanding) of marriage of boy against boy. It is known as “Anta-santa” in Northern India. In this region where regional and caste panchayats in themselves decide on the death penalty, issuing death sentence as a game going on, burning alive, suicide attempts and cases because it is a question of their false pride and honor.The Blast of love stories is in between special category of people on a special time. Maximum number of incidents are related with backward and dalit castes. In these incidents the first opinion is from the side of the girl’s family.Firstly, the debate is done on moral grounds and then secondly, it is the question of social status and family background. Thirdly, the details of respectable family, village, caste, Gotra come one by one. Panchayats sit in groups for these discussions and orders are passed. “Religious, cast base leaders” and “contractors of society” pass there own judgments.
Because the culture of “upper class" was adopted by backward and dalit castes. And whenever these castes have measured themselves on social, economic, political level and be conscious of there rights they may have improved but then also because of the society they have to bear a lot of pressure on a mental level.

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