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Honour Killing in Punjab-Youth kill sister

NAWANSHAHR: A case of “honour killing” was reported at Musapur village in the district on Tuesday(15 December 2009 ), where Sukhdeep Singh (21) murdered her sister Rupinder Kaur (22) who had been living in the same village after solemnising inter-caste court marriage about four years ago.

Raj Rani, mother-in-law of Rupinder Kaur, in her statement, said that in a frenzy, Sukhdeep holding a sword in his hand entered her residence in broad daylight and started attacking his sister with the sword. She tried to push him away and raised the alarm, but he continued to attack his sister.

After killing his sister, he bolted the door of the room from inside. When asked about the reason behind the incident, she said that her son and daughter-in-law had been living happily for the past four years. Though both of them had solemnised court marriage, the mother of Rupinder Kaur had given her consent and there was absolutly no problem till now, said Raj Rani while expressing surpise over the frenzied behaviour of the brother of her daughter-in-law.

Banga Sadar SHO Swaran Singh Bal said the police had arrested accused Sukhdeep Singh along with the sword used in the crime and registered a case under section 302, IPC, against him on the basis of the statement of Raj Rani.

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