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Punjab: Bride, mother-in-law brutally killed, husband injured

May 12: Yet another suspected case of honour killing has emerged in Punjab's Tarn Taran, where a woman and her mother-in-law were killed and the woman's husband seriously injured.

The newly-wed bride Gurleen Kaur (19) and her husband Amarpreet Singh (25) reportedly married despite protests from Kaur's family.

Relatives of Gurleen attacked Amarpreet's house on Tuesday, May 11 night and sprayed bullets into the girl and her mother-in-law, Kuljit Kaur (50). The two died on the spot, the police informed on Wednesday, May 12.

The brutal aspect of the killing is the mutilation of the bodies. The police found the girl naked and with her shoulders and fingers cut off. It is also suspected that the attackers wanted to gorge out the eyes of the mother-in-law as deep cuts were found above her eyes.

Amarpreet Singh, who tried to put up a fight against the assailants, escaped with gun wounds and is battling for his life in a private hospital.

While the father of the groom escaped the wrath of the girl's family as he was at work, the attackers chose to spare the boy's grandparents who were at home at the time of the attack.

The police revealed that the girl's father, bother and uncles launched the attack. None of the accused have been arrested.

The couple have been in a relationship since past three years. The youngsters eloped last year to solemnize their love with marriage.

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