Shafiq R Khan


A case of slap on honour killing

In the country where honour killing has become rampant, a unique wedding was witnessed in Marwahi district of Madhya Pradesh.

Puja, a minor left her home for love. The boy’s family not only kept her at their house for 10 days, a time period she needed to be an adult but also got both of them(boy and the girl) married after that.
Puja left house on her own will, as her family fixed her marriage elsewhere on June 17 and Puja wanted to marry her boyfriend.

Puja relied on her boyfriend Kamlesh Chandra and his family. Her faith paid off.
But Puja regrets that on this special occasion her family was not with her. The villagers also supported Kamlesh’s family in this marriage.

Kamlesh's family has given a message to the whole society by getting both of them married। This marriage is a slap on the face of those who think honour killing is the solution for couples in love.
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