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International gangs behind idol trafficking

Ranchi: Shankracharya of Puri Swami Adhodajanand today alleged that an international bunch of criminals was active in India and was hell-bent upon maligning the purity of Indianreligion.

“The same gang is involved into trafficking idols of lords. The Indian government should constitute a task force to salvage the purity of its religious places and to maintain their security,” he said while talking to reporters at Circuit House here.

The religious leader was in city today after he initiated repair work at Chhinamastika Mandir in Rajrappa. He is programmed to return to Puri from here. Governor is also hurt over the Rajrappa incident and has assured me about the security of all places of religious significance in the state, he said while adding that the real motive behind the incident was to fuel a public outcry.

He thanked all for maintaining peace and said that it was the handiwork of some hooligans who have no caste, no creed and religion. On terrorism and Naxalism he said that during 1950s only two states were Naxal affected but now it had increased to more than a dozen.

“Naxals are people who have got deviated from their society and claim to champion the causes of the poor and the downtrodden. The government claims to bulldoze such forces but has been unsuccessful in this direction,” he said while adding that the government pays compensations to those killed in the armed struggle and shies away from addressing the root cause.

The government should hammer out a formula instead to bring the vicious struggle to an end. Forces opposed to the system should come forward to share a table with the establishment. He advised politicians to keep their hands off religious issues and expressed displeasure over the political meddling into religious issues.

By: alok kumar mishra

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