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millions female bonded laborers

Bride trafficking victims are also bonded laborers.

me with a couple:
The man brings her for livelihood 
Recently, I saw an Advertisement on TV and many other newspapers where Indian Government claimed that India is now bonded laborship free country, I don’t like to distrust our government maybe there is no bonded labors in our country but there are million of girls who are being sold for few buck and billion of people who are working in pitiable conditions and intolerable wages, these are not invisible and easily found in Delhi as well as its suburb, a form of typical bonded labororship or slavery is bride trafficking where girls are being imported as bride to work in paddy fields and as a capable unskilled worker for the
household, another form is domestic laborers where people used to place some girl as domestic laboror, the domestic labor never paid a minimum wage and they never get a basic rights while Governments always claimed that people are getting minimum wages and all basic rights prescribed by law.
Bridal slaves : aljazeera 
Landlords and other feudalists of north India (Delhi and nearing states) used to buy girls as slave who works as domestic help, agricultural laborers and many other labororship, some time these girls are imported for some incapable man who can’t earn his livelihood due to some physical or mental reasons, family members and relatives of that man used to buy a girl to earn livelihood for that man, the purchased girls work with local landlord or some shop, and her owner or socalled husband always receive the money against her work, the recruiter/employer of that girl never pay a single buck to that girl as there is a fear that girl may runaway if she gets some money, employers of these girls always give a small amount to her ‘husband’.
Tabassum: sold by husband as she was in trauma
Rubina (name changed) a 25 year old woman is a trafficked bride in Nagina of Mewat, she have a job card from which she can get 100 days works in a year under Mgnrega scheme. She is also working as construction worker, her socalled fifth husband is 70 years old blind man who purchased her 6 year back for purpose of domestic help and to earn some livelihood, his brothers and other relative had procure the amount, rubina has 6 children it means she is always at risk while working with Mgnarega or as individual pregnant worker. Mgnarega officials never gave her a single rupees in her hand even bank never allow her to withdraw money from her own bank account, her husband is owner of her incomes,
Manju with her mentally ill husband
who sold her first Daughter to 
Story of Manju is not different from rubina who lives in palwal, she never touched her own income because her employer is paying all money to her husband who is handicapped and he purchased her for permanent earning member, she shares that her elder daughter born from man who purchased her for first time was sold by this man to reimburse the money spend in buying manju, Manju have four children including two daughters, she always scared that her daughters would be sold or abducted by inlaws as her girls are like angles. Ironically, Manju is still thankful to her husband who is not ready to sell her again, she always try to make him happy then he may not sell her or daughters,

Its really painful that one girl tabassum who was featured in documentary Draupadi's Descendants of PSBT was sold by her handicapped husband as she was in high trauma. As an activist Im ashamed on me and my local team who never found her again, she had a child and husband in her native land but she was abducted and sold to a man in Nuh of Mewat where we captured her in that film, soon after that film she went missing, her socalled husband tell us that her father had came to meet her and she is on visit of her native home later we were informed that the girl was sold to some man and he purchased an another girl who is not willing to be rescued  she is grateful to that man who sold his wife as she was in trauma.  

These are simple and plane case studies representing millions of girls who were abducted and kept as slave facing physical mental and sexual exploitation in open society and Government haven’t any single policy or law to favor them. Even no NGO is addressing their issues, these are modern day slaves and governments have to address the problem of bride trafficking and exploitation of poor women at large scale.
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