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CSR : Neither Philanthropy nor Social Responsibility

Sketch: Shadan khan

Indian-Japanese joint venture, Furukawa Electric (MFE), that supplies harnesses for the Maruti Suzuki’s Alto car, has opened a factory inside Delhi’s Tihar Jail. The project, is part of MFE's corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme on-job training, and it will provide inmates employable skills at the time of their release.

wait, don't hope for good its a typical business
this project was started after workers movements against Maruti Suzuki and other companies in the Manesar area of NCT of Delhi. project is going to ensure no unions, no factory inspectors, no strikes, electricity at cost, and commercial space at Rs 10 per sq ft. no cost for security and other systems because Prison authorities are responsible for the discipline, meals and accommodation of its worker inmates. 
The companies get a captive, uninterrupted labour supply. Prison wages are much lower than wages paid outside, and once trained, a worker can't leave and join a competitor. ��
so as a tax payer you are sponsoring, in a way, for their production cost 

It means if someone needs some kind of training or regular job s/he may has one option of committing some crime to join training or job in prison.
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